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Germans abroad

Should you or one of your colleagues spend time abroad temporarily or long-term, we take care of you and your family’s financial security against existential risks such as:


  • Illness
  • Occupational incapacity
  • Accident
  • Public liability, home contents


Through intensive collaboration with globally renowned and internationally excellently positioned insurance partners. They distinguish themselves through a diverse range of high-quality services. Solutions are available depending on the length of time abroad.


Medium-term stay abroad: 1 – 5 years

Medium-term stay abroad: 1 – 5 years

A work-related stay abroad can have effects on your employment contract, but also your level of coverage in your medical insurance policy. A posting abroad should be planned well. We help you with your relocation package, but also with your return back home.

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Long-term stay abroad: More than 5 years

Long-term stay abroad: More than 5 years

A special type of medical insurance for residents abroad offers you coverage even when other insurance companies fail partly or fully. At a very affordable rate. Without a time limit, as we know of your permanent residency abroad.

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  • Worldwide coverage, even for relatives
  • Doctor of your choice
  • Worldwide medical network with more than 3,800 partners and…
  • Local providers – direct billing
  • Own medical team consultancy
  • Premium in 3 currencies – Services in over 100 currencies
  • Assistance via Mondial
  • Everyone insurable: Expats, inpats, TCNs, locals
  • Group contracts for 10 staff and above, even without medical checks
  • Fully flexible solutions for groups of 100 staff and above
  • Time-unlimited insurance cover, even upon return

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